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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum food order, and what are the Delivery charges?
There is no minimum amount required to order. Delivery charge is 15% of the food total with a minimum charge of $4.99 to most areas and $5.99 to our extended delivery areas. See Delivery Area to check your zone fee. 

2. Why is there a Credit Card Processing Fee? How much is it?

As a local small business, we must pay a merchant to process all credit card transactions. That fee is 4% of the total amount charged. Most companies charge this fee as well and disguise it as a "Convenience Fee" or "Handling."   

3. How long will it take?
All ASAP orders are quoted within 60 minutes (with the exception of a few restaurants who take longer to prepare food).  However, quotes may change based on weather, traffic, your distance from restaurant, and order volume. 

4. How is my food transported?
Orders are picked up, transported, and carried to your location in an insulated bag by one of our trained drivers. 

5. What if I want to add to my order?
If you'd like to add to an order that has already been placed, please call our office at 412-709-6959 and we will add the item(s) for you. Please try and do so within 10 minutes of placing your order. Once an item has been added, we will provide you with an updated total and receipt. 

You may not add onto an order that has already been picked up from the restaurant. E-Store items can be added at anytime. 

6. What if I want to remove an item or cancel my order?
Cancellations and adjustments must be made within 5 minutes of placing an order. Once orders are placed, the restaurants will be quickly preparing your food. Once an item is prepared we cannot reimburse the cost. We ask that you please take the time to review your order before checking out. 

7. Can I order beverages as well as food?
Yes, you may order any beverages listed on a restaurant's menu. We also have beverages sold through our E-Store which is available with any purchase. 

8. What type of credit cards do you accept?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All card purchases are subject to a 4% merchant processing surcharge. 

9. What if our company is tax exempt?
No problem. Just make note of the tax exempt status on the order and include your tax exemption code and we will manually deduct the tax and resend you an updated receipt.